Makla Boulel Bentchicou 20g – Spicy Flavor

Makla Boulel Bentchicou 20g – Spicy Flavor
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Makla Bouhlel Bentchicou Rouge has a distinctively spicy flavor, this will suit anyone looking for tobacco that makes a serious impression. Comes in a metal tin.

Makla, meaning ‘food’ in Arabic is an ingenious blend of selected pre-chopped Rustica tobacco leaves (cut into small pieces) and texturising agents. Makla contains 33% tobacco, and 67% of other ingredients. Makla ingredients are all classed as food-grade and/or natural products.

How to use it:
You use Makla in the same way you use loose snus. Take a pinch or a make a prilla and put it under your top lip. No spitting required.

How to store it:
– Normal condition: at room temperature, 17° to 20° (without temperature fluctuations)
– Ideal condition: in a cigar box kept at a constant temperature and humidity level
– Other condition: in the refrigerator

The tins must be stored horizontally due to its composition, even though it is hermetically sealed, placing a Makla tin vertically may cause water to run out leading to the product prematurely drying out and deteriorating.

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